Goodbye Badge Arcade, you were fun while it lasted

Goodbye Badge Arcade, you were fun while it lasted

Nintendo has just released its final update for the 3DS free-to-start game Nintendo Badge Arcade. The two-and-a-half-year-old game allowed gamers to play a virtual claw game to win a variety on Nintendo themed badges which can be placed on the home screen of the 3DS.

What the game was more synonymous with is the ever cheerful Arcade Bunny who will from time to time give free plays under The Boss’s agreement. For long we have always tried to find out who The Boss really is, but today as the shop closes for good, Arcade Bunny has kindly introduced us to his bosses:


Nintendo Badge Arcade was also one of Nintendo’s first foray into free-to-start games. Though at times, the price to play maybe considered exorbitant (with no definite chance of winning), it has spawned a whole bunch of hardcore collectors seeking to collect every single one of those badges. I have never spent a single cent on Nintendo Badge Arcade, but I have spent countless mornings with it. Its departure will be dearly missed.

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