Gou Was Intended To Look Androgynous In The Upcoming Pokemon Anime [UPDATE]

Gou Was Intended To Look Androgynous In The Upcoming Pokemon Anime [UPDATE]

In the upcoming Pokemon anime, a new protagonist called Gou will accompany Ash in his adventures around the world.

In a recent interview from Japanese anime magazine Animedia, the voice actor for Gou spoke about the character’s appearance. In particular, he touched on Gou’s somewhat androgynous look – which features hair tweezers, longer eyelashes, and a sleeker body profile. These features may have confused a number of fans at first, generating some discussion about whether Gou was actually a boy or girl.

As it turns out, Gou’s unique design was no accident! In the interview, Gou’s voice actor revealed that the anime’s creators wanted a character that neither looked like a man or a woman – perhaps in a similar vein to Pokemon GO’s Blanche.

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[UPDATE: as many readers have pointed out, the voice actor in question only specified that Gou was designed to look androgynous. Due to limitations in the Japanese language, it’s hard to tell if the exact intent of the character’s creators was for Gou to actually be androgynous (i.e. non-binary) or just for his appearance to imply it. As such, we understand that the previous headline ‘Gou Is Non-Binary In The Upcoming Pokemon Anime’ could be a bit of a stretch. We have since revised it and the article to reflect the voice actor’s comments more generally.]