Grass-Type Training Event Announced For Pokemon Masters

Grass-Type Training Event Announced For Pokemon Masters

DeNA has announced the next event heading for Pokemon Masters, along with a brand new Sync Pair making their debut in the game!

Following the Rock-Type Training Event that started last week, players will be getting a Grass-Type Training Event to help train up their Grass-Type Sync Pairs. Currently, it is not confirmed when exactly the Grass-Type Event will start, but it is likely it will begin when the Rock-Type Event ends on September 23rd.

To go along with this event, there will also be a new Sync Pair Scout Event with a new featured Trainer. The Sync Pair is Lyra & Chikorita, the main female trainer and her partner Pokemon from Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver. Her appearance marks second new Sync Pair added to the game since launch following Blue & Pidgeot.

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