GRIP: Combat Racing Updated To Version 1.0.5, AirBlade Anti-Grav Free Update Now Live On Switch

GRIP: Combat Racing Updated To Version 1.0.5, AirBlade Anti-Grav Free Update Now Live On Switch

The latest update for GRIP: Combat Racing on Switch is now live, at no extra cost!

Wired Productions and Caged Element finally rolled out the promised free AirBlade Anti-Grav update for the arcade combat racer.

New anti-gravity racers and a new set of tracks have been added in the game.

Check out the trailer and patch notes below:

  • Introduced AirBlade hover (AKA Anti-Grav) vehicle type to all 15 wheeled vehicles in the garage. Airblades have two canard types to choose from, interchangeable for front and back axles. Airblades also use different engine sounds than wheeled cars.
  • Added the space setting ‘Atlas Station’ and ‘Impact’ racetracks
  • Added 5 community-made car skins to the Nyvoss Mirage vehicle (winners of the competition)
  • Improved race flow, vehicle collision and AI behaviour on various race tracks, including: FIC Outpost, Lit, Transport, Rust, Yuri Industrial, Mindbender, Naptha
  • Valley, Serpent’s Run, Haze, Spin Cycle, Sprawl
  • Added two bangin’ new music tracks: Full Kontakt – Tornado, Xtigma – Overdrive
  • Added two new AirBlade focused loading screen images
  • Updated Main Menu scene to have different vehicles and skins
  • Fixed AI not moving in View to a Kill arena
  • Added the options ‘Ground’, ‘Air’ and ‘Both’, allowing players to choose vehicle type
  • Added updated AirBlade key art to the initial loading screen
  • Added new tracks to the Game Manual
  • Added all new tracks to statistics within Game Info
  • Added the new tracks to campaign tiers
  • Reduced the amount of XP gained during Carkour to prevent exploitation
  • Improved vehicle camera
  • Improved terrain following for the Hydra and charged Ramraider
  • Improved the firing effectiveness of the charged Ramraider
  • Improved target tracking for the Hydra
  • AI bots now use the launch ability more often
  • Fixed some UI issues with the vehicle garage
  • The visual FX for when vehicle launches are now more obvious
  • Bug fix to avoid having no rivals for periods of time
  • Fixed the Play buttons in the audio menu to also work in-game.
  • Fixed bad data in the information directory.
  • Fixed the colour of the saturation slides in the garage.


  • improved matchmaking by simplifying criteria
  • Adjusted online voting timer to be synced correctly with all clients and host
  • Removed redundant options from the Find Game panel.
  • Fixed bug whereby Bots stop moving if Host pauses gameplay
  • Fixed bug whereby Bots would disappear if a client leaves active online gameplay
  • Fixed bug whereby an incorrect Host name is given within the spectator UI
  • Winning track and settings are now displayed within online lobby once voting has ended
  • Fixed bug whereby online tournaments wouldn’t progress past the first event
  • Added the garage option to the Online UI during voting timer
  • Fixed reset exploit whereby players could produce false race times
  • Fixed vehicle speed exploit caused by ‘Frogger’ setting
  • Elimination times now estimated in MP when all human players have finished
  • Fixed bug whereby the voting timer may not display for clients who were previously spectating
  • Prevented garage upgrade dialog from blocking MP games.
  • Various UI fixes, clean up
  • Vehicle elimination now made more robust in MP games.
  • Prevented garage upgrade dialog from blocking MP games.

Team Modes

  • Team Racing – Players can now join either Red or Blue teams to battle it out in any racing mode.  These include: Classic Race, Ultimate, Elimination and Speed Demon. The team with the highest points wins!
  • Team Deathmatch – The way deathmatch is meant to be played.  Jump on Red or Blue and blast each other away. The team with the highest points wins

Four New Tracks

  • Mindbender (Haze reverse) (Orbital Prime) (City): A highly-modified version of Haze reverse. Key sections include a massive jump, tricky S-turn and twisting sewer section
  • Naptha Valley (Jahtra) (Desert): Quite possibly the most rollercoaster-y track of all. Set in a resource mining centre, key sections include a mineral deposit cave, large stepped curves of terrain and an indoor facility
  • Hive Horizon (Orbital Prime) (City): A beautiful, sunset soaked, gravity-defying city district. Key sections include an affluent block of corporate structures, a big ceiling ride to floor jump and an ascending spiral road
  • Spin Cycle (Liddo5) (Forest): Key sections include an open area with nice autumn visuals, tunnel turns perfect for barrel rolls, glass tunnels and an obstacle ridden turn to the finish!

Level Cap

The level cap has also been increased to 40, with unlocks of paint jobs and new tires for cars. In addition to this Pariah now have coloured paint that can be customized!