Guide: August Fireworks Show Timings And Exclusive Items For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: August Fireworks Show Timings And Exclusive Items For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The latest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces a new special seasonal event for the game: The Fireworks Show.

As the first fireworks show is starts tomorrow, we have prepared a quick guide for players interested to know what to expect from the event before it begins.

The Fireworks Show is an event where players get to watch fireworks and related limited time activities and items. It begins at 7pm on the following dates, whether the island is set to Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere.

  • August 2nd, 2020
  • August 9th, 2020
  • August 16th, 2020
  • August 23rd, 2020
  • August 30th, 2020

Once the Fireworks Show begins, players can enjoy the following exclusive activities:

  • Redd’s Raffle
    • Redd’s raffle can be found outside Resident Services, where he has set up a booth offering various prizes. The prizes can be won by purchasing Raffle Tickets.
    • In total, 12 prizes are available:
      • Red Sparkler
      • Blue Sparkler
      • Fountain Firework
      • Bubble Blower
      • Uchiwa Fan
      • Pinwheel
      • Tweeter
      • Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink Balloons
    • Sparklers, Fireworks, and Bubble Blowers are single use items.
    • Balloons will disappear after tripping.
  • Isabelle’s Boppers
    • On each day of the Fireworks Show, Isabelle will give out glowing antennae headgear called “Boppers”, which come in four different designs:
      • Bulb Bopper
      • Flower Bopper
      • Star Bopper
      • Heart Bopper
    • As there are only five days for the Fireworks Show in August, be sure to grab each design while you can.
  • Custom Fireworks
    • Custom design patterns on your Nookphone can be used to create custom fireworks in the sky.
    • Currently, it is assumed that players will have to talk to Isabelle before custom fireworks can be added. We will update this guide with more details if this is not the case.

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