Guide: How To Download And Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Early

Guide: How To Download And Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Early

Animal Crossing: Camp Pocket is coming in late November 2017, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it early!

The game is now live on Google Play and the App Store in Australia. Below you’ll find instructions on how to download and play it.

If you are an Android user…

You can simply download the APK here (thanks, GAMESCORE). The app takes up around 50MB+ of space and requires an additional 80MB after installation.

If you are using iOS…

You will need to have an Australian Apple ID set up on your iPhone or iPad. Sign out of your current account on iCloud first, which can be done by entering Settings, then selecting iCloud.

While creating your iTunes account, you’ll be asked to select a country. Choose Australia.

After selecting your country, you’ll be asked to enter a billing address. Search for the address of any government building or McDonald’s in Australia, and fill it as your billing address. For billing information, select “none”. If the “none” option is absent, you may have to purchase an Australian iTunes code online to enter for verification purposes.

Almost there!

Once you’ve installed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you will be asked to sign in to your Nintendo Account. At the time of writing only Australian Nintendo Accounts can access the game, so you have two options: Create an Australian Nintendo Account through the app itself, or link your current Nintendo Account to the app (which means you have to change its country to Australia).

The choice is yours – if you link your current Nintendo Account, you can earn Platinum Points from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your main account. However, this may affect access to your purchases on the Nintendo eShop if your account is linked to a Nintendo Switch, so please bear this in mind.

You can change your Nintendo Account’s country here.

That’s it.

You can now enjoy Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! We hope this guide has helped you. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Guide: How To Download And Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Early

  1. Hello! I noticed that when opening the app it asked me to out in my country, and I had to pick Australia as it was obviously the only choice. Do you know if we’ll be able to change this setting without having to start the game anew? Aside from the language of the game, does the country you pick impact anything else? Thanks!

    1. Hey Lily, the country only affects the Nintendo Account. Language is dependent on your OS setting. So you need to either 1. register a new Nintendo Account with country set to Australia if you don’t have an Australian Nintendo Account, or 2. change your current Nintendo Account country to Australia. If you pick option 1 you won’t be able to earn your My Nintendo points from AC: Pocket Camp on the same account. If you pick option 2, this may cause issues if you have a Nintendo Network ID linked to your Nintendo Account, as you will most likely be asked to unlink the NNID from the Nintendo Account first. If you linked your Nintendo Account to a Nintendo Switch, you will only be able to access the Australian eShop as long as your Nintendo Account setting remains on Australia. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! Do you know if the Australian data will be transferable to the USA (once the game is out in the US)?

    Thank you!

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