Guide: How To Complete The May Day Event For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Complete The May Day Event For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Last month, Nintendo revealed the May Day event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and event where players get a chance to visit a special “May Day” island in celebration of the holiday.

As the event has since gone live in some parts of the world, the full details about how the event works are surfacing online. This includes how to get the May Day ticket, what to do on the “May Day” Island, as well as what rewards are up for grabs. If you’re interested in participating in the event, we have compiled a quick guide for how to do so below:

Starting The Event

  • The event will run from May 1st to May 7th.
  • Ensure that your system’s date and time matches that of the event (relevant if you time travel)
  • Connect to the internet to activate the event
  • Go to Resident Services and speak with Tom Nook, who will give you a May Day Ticket
  • Go to the Airport and use the May Day Ticket there
    • NOTE: You will not be able to bring ANY items or tools to May Day Island

Completing May Day Island

  • May Day Island consists of a maze where players have a chance to find Bell Vouchers. There are 9 in total, which can be redeemed for 27,000 Bells.
  • The Bell Vouchers are hidden at the end of a maze, and players will have to rely on the various tools they find to clear the maze and collect fruit in order to get all 9 bell vouchers at the end.
  • First, grab the Shovel Toolbox on the ground and dig up the Shrub that’s blocking your way to a Fruit. Then eat the Fruit and dig up the Tree straight ahead.
  • Jump over two Rivers and make you way as far up as you can, then jump over another River to the left and follow the path to get a Tree Branch.
  • Following the path, you’ll jump over a River while heading to the right. This new location gives you three different paths. Leave the first one for now and go down the third one for a Tree Branch and a Stone, and down the second and middle path for a Tree Branch and a Worn Axe.
  • Jump back up to the spot where you can go down three paths, then backtrack over the River to the left and head for the Tree in the top left corner. Cutting it down with the Worn Axe will make the Axe break. Dig up the tree stump to gain a Tree Branch and two Fruits.
  • From the area you just got Items from, head down and back to the area where you could go down three different paths. Go down the first one to get a Tree Branch, then eat a Fruit to break the Rock on this path and get an Iron Nugget.
  • Go all the way back to the Tree you cut down in the top left, but head right, back the path you first entered from. Once you jump over the river, head right at the first intersection to find 3 pieces of Wood. A bit further down you’ll find a rock, so eat a Fruit and break it.
  • After you break the Rock, you will find another Fruit and two DIY Recipes, one for Flimsy Axe and one for a proper Axe. Learn the Recipes if you don’t already have them, then go ahead and craft the Axe!
  • Go out of the area with the DIY Workbench and head left, jumping over three Rivers. Cut down the Tree on the other side to get two Fruits.
  • Once you have the Fruit, go up, jumping over one River on the way. After that, you’ll have to head back to the area with three paths and down the first path again. Cut down the Tree blocking your way to the final piece of Fruit and head for the three Trees at the top.
  • Cut down and dig up the three Trees to get to Rover. Yay, you got through the Maze!
  • To the left of where Rover is, you can find four Bell Vouchers behind a bush.
  • To get to the left side of the island and down to the three rocks waiting to be destroyed by your Fruity powers, you have to dig up three Shrubs behind the Tree by the Campfire. Once they’re gone, you can head left and then down the beach to find the last Treasure on the island.
  • Eat your 3 pieces of Fruit and get the last five Bell vouchers. That’s all you can get from this island, congratulations!
  • If players do not manage to clear the maze properly, they can reset the maze for 100 Nook Miles by calling up the Rescue Service on their Nook Phone.
  • Players who reach Rover will receive the “Rover’s Briefcase” item, he also hints that he will make more appearances in the game in the future.

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