Guinness World Records Shares “Pokemon Records” For Pokemon Day

Guinness World Records Shares “Pokemon Records” For Pokemon Day

In commemoration of Pokemon Day, Guinness World Records has shared a list of notable “Pokemon Records” based on the 891 Pokemon currently known so far.

The list includes records such as “First Pokemon Designed”, “Heaviest Pokemon” and even “Least Popular” Pokemon. You can read Guinness’ full rundown of the records here, or read the highlights below:

First Pokémon character

Rhydon takes the title of first and foremost creature of the game, and has been in the most Pokémon video games ever since, including Pokemon GO.

Fastest Pokemon

Deoxys Speed form is the fastest Pokemon with a base speed stat of 180.

Slowest Pokemon

Tied between Shuckle, Munchlax and Pyukumuku, each with a speed stat of 5.

Heaviest Pokemon

Tied between Cosmoem and the Ultra Beast Celesteela at 999.9 kg (2204.4 lb)

Shortest Pokemon

Joltik at 4 inches in height

Lightest Pokémon

Tied between Flabebe, Gastly, Haunter, Cosmog and Kartana, all weighing 100 g (0.2 lb)

Least Popular Pokemon

Simisear, based on a the 2016 Pokémon General Election held in Japan, ranking dead last at 720th place out of the 720 Pokemon known a the time.

Most Popular Pokemon

Greninja, based on the 2020 Pokemon of the Year Poll out of over 6.6 million votes.

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