GungHo Entertainment Open To Bringing Teppen To Switch

GungHo Entertainment Open To Bringing Teppen To Switch

A few months ago, Capcom and Gungho Entertainment launched Teppen, a card battle game for mobile which serves as a massive crossover for many of Capcom’s iconic franchises.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some Switch owners have been wondering if the game could ever come to the Nintendo Switch. At Pax West, gaming news outlet Nintendo Enthusiast spoke to GungHo Entertainment CEO Kazuki Morishita about whether they would ever be willing to port Teppen to Nintendo’s flagship hybrid console.

Here is what Morishita had to say:

It’s possible that we could find a way for TEPPEN to work on PC and consoles. However, the design of the game is dependent on smartphones not just in the fact that it’s a portable device with a touchscreen. Smartphones are devices which are always online and a device that almost everyone has. That’s a vast install-base, and for a new IP centered around the enjoyment of PvP, it’s where we want to prioritize. If people press more for TEPPEN to come to consoles and PC, we might explore the options available.

Judging from his words, it seems that GungHo isn’t sure about bringing Teppen over to platforms where there aren’t enough potential players to make it worth the while. That said, it seems the team has also not quite ruled out the possibility just yet. We’ll be sure to post a new update should they eventually decide to take a change on Teppen for the Switch.

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