Hacker Named “God” Circumvents Splatoon 2 Anti-Cheat System

Hacker Named “God” Circumvents Splatoon 2 Anti-Cheat System

In the last few months, cheating became a very serious problem in Splatoon 2 due to advancements in homebrew and hacking.

To stop hackers and cheaters, in August 2018 Nintendo implemented an anti-cheat system for Splatoon 2 that performs integrity checks on the game files. Anyone who has a game that’s modified will not be allowed to play online, and might even get their console banned forever.

Now it seems that this anti-cheat system has been outsmarted by a hacker named “God”, who placed himself as the No. 1 ranking player on Clam Blitz. Videos and screenshots of the hacker ruining everyone’s fun are circulating on Twitter.

It was a matter of time for flimsy Splatoon 2 anti-cheat system to be overcome by hackers. Still, it doesn’t bode well when Nintendo Switch Online, the paid subscription service required for Switch owners to play online, starts tomorrow.

Fingers crossed Nintendo will implement a stronger anti-cheat system soon. What do you think? Let us know below.