HAL Laboratory Hiring For A New Kirby Project

HAL Laboratory Hiring For A New Kirby Project

After wrapping up their work on Kirby Star Allies, it seems HAL Laboratory may be getting ready to embark on the pink puff’s next adventure.

As shared on their official Twitter account and elsewhere, HAL Laboratory is now accepting applications for numerous positions on a new Kirby project.

The vacant positions include “Action Programmer, UI Programmer, Graphics Programmer, 3D Artist, Motion Designer, Effect Designer, UI Designer, Level Designer, Planning Assistant, and Project Manager”. These positions will be based in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan, and start on a two-month trial period.

Interested applicants are to apply theough HAL’s website here, with the deadline being September 26 2019.

What could this new project be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.