Happy 28th Birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog!

Happy 28th Birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog!

28 years ago, the gaming industry’s fastest blue blur made his debut.

Originally created in 1991 for the SEGA Genesis console, Sonic the Hedgehog was once considered a bitter rival with Nintendo’s own plumber mascot Mario. His design exemplified the 1990s to a tee – boasting an edgier attitude than other video game mascots. His games were faster-paced than Mario’s, and helped SEGA pressure Nintendo’s sales – resulting in what many called the ‘Console Wars’.

This status quo wouldn’t last for long. As Sonic and Mario raced into the 3D era, SEGA began slipping up in its console business. Eventually, Sonic games found their way onto Nintendo systems instead. The Game Boy Advance and DS handhelds would eventually play host to the very popular Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series respectively. Nowadays, Mario and Sonic are even friendly chums, and meeting up on good terms for the Olympic Games and in Super Smash Bros.!

The hedgehog’s popularity and fanbase would still expand in other unique ways. Aside from cartoons, Sonic also had a comic series by Archie, which ran for 290 issues until it’s recent cancellation. Thankfully, IDW rebooted the series in 2018, and it’s now a fan-favorite that’s going global.

Things haven’t always been that smooth sailing for the speedy marsupial, however. His most recent mainline game, Sonic Forces, did not impress critics and fans. Meanwhile, his upcoming movie taking place in the human world has faced huge backlash from fans due to Sonic’s uncanny CGI design – so much that it prompted the producers to delay the film to 2020 in order to adjust Sonic’s look.

Despite these setbacks, the blue blur Still has a devoted fanbase to this day. In fact, the Sonic twitter profile is now a popular hotspot of hilarious memes, and the amazing Sonic Mania is reviving the series at its best. Here’s to a brighter future for the franchise – and a Happy Birthday to Sonic!

What about you? What are your memories of Sonic the Hedgehog? Share with us your best and worst days as a Sonic fan in the comments below!