Happy 8th Birthday, Nintendo 3DS!

Happy 8th Birthday, Nintendo 3DS!

8 years ago on February 26, 2011, the Nintendo 3DS was officially released in Japan.

When Nintendo 3DS was first released, it came in two colors – Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. More colors soon followed, and the stereoscopic 3D glasses free device soon launched in the west in late March 2011.

Nintendo 3DS was off to a bad start due to its high USD249.99 price point and lack of strong releases. In just several months, Nintendo was forced to reduce the price of the system to attract new customers, something rarely heard of that early in a console’s lifecycle.

Thankfully, the price cut and lineup of new and appealing titles from Pokemon to Animal Crossing eventually made Nintendo 3DS a successful system. The 3DS has sold over 70 million units worldwide. It may be on its way out in its 8th year, but we will never forget the games and innovative features, such as StreetPass and glasses-free 3D, it brought to gamers.

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