Here Are Some Combat Tips For The World Ends With You: Final Remix Players

Here Are Some Combat Tips For The World Ends With You: Final Remix Players

If you’re a newbie who’s struggling with The World Ends With You: Final Remix, we have something to share with you today.

Nintendo of Europe has published a guide teaching players combat tips in the game. You can learn many pointers out of this guide, even if you’re an experienced player.

Check out the guide below.

The psychic powers within…


Pins are powerful accessories with useful abilities attached to them. Obtaining these will grant Neku more offensive and defensive capabilities in battle, as well as the ability to discover more of the world around him. Outside of battle, Pins can be used to move objects that block your path, witness the thoughts of the citizens of Tokyo, and even implant thoughts and words into their heads to solve other people’s problems! Collect as many as you can to make the world more your own.

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Silence the opposition

On your quest for the truth, you’ll encounter Noise, enemies that will try to stop you from completing your missions. By using either touch controls or Joy-Con controllers for a renewed style of combat, you’ll need to defeat them all to ensure peace – at least for the time being.


Dash to quickly out-manoeuvre your foes, and activate Pins to unleash punishing attacks and useful abilities. Be wary though, as Pins have a cool-down period – meaning you may find yourself defenceless for a few moments. Timing your moves effectively just may prove to be the difference between existence and extinction.

Sync or sink

Shiki, or another partner you come across in your adventure, can also get in on the action! Tapping on enemies brings your partner into the fray to help you out in the heat of battle. Different partners can aid you in different ways – so be sure to make the most of each one’s unique style!

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As a battle progresses, dealing damage will fill up your partner’s gauge. When this has reached its max, a special attack called Fusion can be unleashed – and each one is unique to each duo! While these attacks are very powerful, don’t assume it’ll always mean curtains for the opposition…

High risk, high reward

Want more rewards for your efforts? When you encounter Noise before entering a battle, you can decide to battle against more than one of them. By chaining them together, you’ll increase the amount of EXP you receive – points that allow you to level up and grow stronger. However, this comes at a cost, as you’ll need to fight each Noise you have chained one after the other – without any chance to change up your abilities – so make sure you’re fit for the challenge.


Defeated enemies drop Money Pins, which can be exchanged for other Pins for new attacks, clothing, and more. You can also de-level yourself to increase the Drop Rate of Pins, meaning your chances of acquiring new and rare Pins will increase, but at the cost of Neku’s offensive and defensive power. Do you trust your skills enough for the chance of finding some new abilities?

Lookin’ good

In this world, your style choices mean more than simply looking easy on the eye. The city of Tokyo lies home to a number of districts, and each one champions a particular fashion or two. Wearing Pins or clothing from the popular brands of a certain district will enhance your abilities during battles in those areas, while wearing less fashionable items will do the exact opposite – so stay stylish!

Feeling rebellious? Become a trendsetter and increase a brand’s popularity in a district by constantly wearing items of that brand during battles, further powering them and the stores they’ve been bought from in the process. You’ll have to tough it out at first, but being persistent in your choice of chic will soon have its rewards.

Who knows, perhaps even visiting a shopkeeper frequently to befriend them might just reveal some bonuses! Taking the time to revisit people and places certainly pays off!

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Food for thought

Another way to boost Neku and his partners’ stats is by chowing down on food. For example, eating a Hot Dog will boost your Attack, while eating some Curious Mushrooms will increase your Drop Rate of Pins. However, while you may experience some immediate benefits from eaten food, the permanent and more valuable effects will only come into play after a certain number of battles, dependant on the type of food consumed. Food takes time to digest, so keep that in mind!