Here’s A Quick Unboxing Of The Dragon Marked For Death Physical Release

Here’s A Quick Unboxing Of The Dragon Marked For Death Physical Release

Inti Creates’ Dragon Marked for Death is looking fit for a warrior king, now that it’s available in glorious physical form.

The NintendoSoup team has brought in our copy of the game, and we’re happy to showcase some closer looks at the whole package.

First off, we have the cover and back of the case, which feature beautiful illustrations from Inti Creates. The front cover looks gorgeous, and it wouldn’t surprise us if anyone bought the game for that alone.

Thankfully, Nighthawk and Inti Creates also chose not to cheap out inside. Upon opening the case, owners will find a nice interior spread that features both Vasith and Amica on opposing sides. This kind of extra effort really goes a long way to making the entire package feel like a premium product that collectors will love.

The physical version also comes with two DLC codes on slips of paper. One adds a special set of four weapons, while the other gives players access to new DLC missions launching from Spring 2019 onward. Some physical collectors might make a fuss because this extra content is not built into the cartridge itself – but it’s not a huge deal, otherwise.

Finally, here’s a closer shot at the cartridge itself, which contains all four campaigns for the Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch.

That’s all for now! We’re still working on an in-depth review for the game – so stay tuned!