Here’s All The Announced Additions Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons In Version 2.0

Here’s All The Announced Additions Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons In Version 2.0

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced the release date of the final major free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The update will add a large amount of new content to the game along with a variety of quality of life updates. You can find a summary of all the major announced changes below:


  • Fan-favorite character Brewster and The Roost cafe will be returning as a new part of the Museum.
  • Players will be able to enjoy coffee at The Roost individually, and as a group with other players.
  • Various other island characters such as Isabelle will visit The Roost from time to time, players can also call for specific characters using amiibo via a phone located in The Roost.


  • Fan-favorite character Kapp’n will return in the update, offering a new type of island tours from the pier.
  • Each trip will cost 1,000 Nook Miles, and the Mysterious Islands may have unique types of plants and may be in a different season from the player’s main island.
  • Kapp’n will also sing his famous sea shanties during the boat ride.


  • Harv’s Island will now play host to a shopping area where various wandering vendors from New Horizons and vendors from past games can set up shop.
  • Similar to island facilities, players will have to donate bells in order to unlock each vendor.
  • The following characters are confirmed to be available on the island:
    • Harriet ~ Teaches seven unique hairstyles to the player, and allows them to customize their appearance.
    • Reese and Cyrus ~ Will allow players to customize furniture items that cannot be customized normally.
    • Katrina ~ Returning from past games, will tell the player’s fortune.
    • Tortimer ~ Returning from past games, trailer suggests he can manage the player’s storage in some capacity.
    • Weekly vendors Kicks, Redd, Saharah and Leif can all set up shop, presumably fulfilling the same roles they normally fill on the main island.


  • Players will be able to participate in Group Stretching with other islanders and special characters, a returning feature from the original Animal Crossing.
  • Minigame is played using button or motion controls.
  • Players can participate in Group Stretching on other players’ islands.


  • Island Ordinances return from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, accessed by speaking to Isabelle.
  • The following Ordinances are known to be included:
    • Beautiful Island
    • Early Bird
    • Night Owl
    • Bell Boom


  • Players can now cook using stovetops and prepare various dishes such as veggie sandwiches, minestrone soup, and pizza.
    • Eating food will fill up the player’s hunger meter the same way as fruits, but in greater amounts depending on the dish.
    • Food can also be placed around as decoration.
  • Players will have to farm for ingredients, including tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, carrots, and more


  • Gyroids return from past Animal Crossing games, and can be found by digging up and replanting Gyroid fragments around the island. Watering them will buried Gyroid fragments will cause them to grow into full Gyroids the next day.
    • Gyroids are more likely to appear after it has rained on the island.
  • Gyroids can be placed on furniture and shelves.
  • Each Gyroid plays different sounds, and will dance to K.K. Slider songs.
  • Gyroids are customizable like any other item.


  • Villagers may now invite players to hang out in their homes, or may surprise the player by visiting their home.

Other Notable Additions

  • New House Exteriors
  • Storage Expansions up to 5,000 maximum slots
  • New Villagers, including some returning from past games.
  • New Nook Miles Features
    • Island Life 101 Service (400 Nook Miles)
      • Tutorial App
    • Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ (2,000 Nook Miles)
    • Pro Camera App (1,500 Nook Miles)
      • Adds handheld camera mode
    • Custom Designs Patterns+ (1,800 Nook Miles)
      • Patterns previously used for customizing items can now be worn or used for flooring and wallpaper
    • Pro Decorating License (2,500 Nook Miles)
      • Ability to add lighting and ceiling decor.
      • Ability to add Accent Walls
    • Custom Fencing in a Flash (2,500 Nook Miles)
      • Adds 9 new fence recipes
    • New Reactions Notebook (3,300 Nook Miles)
      • 11 new reactions
    • Pro Construction License (3,000 Nook Miles)
      • Increases max Bridge/Incline amount to 10
    • Top 4 Fab Hairstyles (1,200 Nook Miles)
      • 4 new hairstyles excluding those taught by Harriet
  • New Nook Miles Items
    • Triangular topiary (1,000 Nook Miles)
    • Crosswalk signal (2,000 Nook Miles)
    • Curved streetlight (2,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza arch (3,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza clock (3,000 Nook Miles)
    • Volleyball net (3,000 Nook Miles)
    • Windmill (3,000 Nook Miles)
    • Parabolic antenna (4,000 Nook Miles)
    • Park fountain (4,000 Nook Miles)
    • Pergola (4,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza balloon wagon (4,000 Nook Miles)
    • Gazebo (5,000 Nook Miles)
    • Inflatable plaza toy (5,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza game stand (5,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza train (5,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza ferris wheel (6,000 Nook Miles)
    • Plaza merry-go-round (6,000 Nook Miles)
  • New K.K. Slider Songs
    • K.K. Chillwave
    • K.K. Bashment
    • K.K. Break
    • K.K. Chorinho
    • K.K. Dub
    • K.K. Fuge
    • K.K. Hip Hop
    • ??? (Unknown name)
    • K.K. Lovers
    • K.K. Polka
    • K.K. Roid (Assumed name)
    • K.K. Slack-Key
  • Music Boxes
    • K.K. Songs can be turned into Music Boxes to be placed around the island.
  • Outdoor Storage and ABD
    • Players can add storage sheds to the island, allowing them to access their home storage at outside of the house.
    • Players can add ABDs to the island, allowing them to deposit and withdraw bells without having to go to Resident Services.
  • New Items and Returning Furniture Sets at Nook’s Cranny
  • Permanent Ladders can be crafted and placed around the island.
  • Players will be able to move through narrow spaces where they previously could not.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0 update launches on November 5th 2021.

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