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English-Dubbed Overview Trailer For Kill la Kill: IF Featuring English Voice Cast From The Anime | NintendoSoup
Here’s An English-Dubbed Overview Trailer For Kill la Kill: IF Featuring English Voice Cast From The Anime

Here’s An English-Dubbed Overview Trailer For Kill la Kill: IF Featuring English Voice Cast From The Anime

Here’s an English-dubbed version of Kill la Kill: IF’s overview trailer which was previously published in Japanese.

Just recently, Arc System Works announced that Kill la Kill: IF will be launching on July 26 in the west. Along with the announcement, a massive amount of information was released including a product information trailer for the game.

Now, the same trailer have been released but dubbed in English for our folks out in the west. Surprisingly, Arc System Works managed to round up the same voice cast who did the English-dub for the anime series.

Check out this video below:

The big hit anime that rocked the world and Mankanshoku’s family in 2013, “Kill la Kill”, is now coming to your gaming consoles! Presenting to you, the official product trailer movie for the game, “Kill la Kill – IF”, to be released in July 25th, 2019!

This trailer shall introduce to you the fundamental gameplay mechanics of the game, as well as a quick introduction to the various game modes available! And also, featuring 2 more new playable characters!? Do watch it to the end!

Official HP: http://www.kill-la-kill-game.jp/en/