Here’s Episode Three Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Here’s Episode Three Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games has released the third episode of The Making of Little Dragons Cafe.

In the third episode, Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Little Dragons Cafe and Harvest Moon, talks about how the game’s characters were designed.

Check out the video and transcript below. Here’s also Episode 1 and Episode 2.

S: You know how every character in LDC is very unique right? Every one of them can be the main character of their own spin off games, right? Why is it like that?

YW: Just as I mentioned before, I think everyone in this world, from people close to you to someone halfway around the world, is both a “loser” AND a “winner” at some point. And within that, everyone shows up as a “loser” in the café. As to ‘why’ they are all unique, I just think it’s natural that people all around the world are unique in their own way. THAT is what I want to show everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re a loser or winner right now, there are so many way that you can be a “loser”, and that’s because everyone is fundamentally different. Everyone has a different image of success, and everyone has a different way of looking at success. That’s how the character from LDC was design to be from the very beginning. You’ve said that everyone is a “loser” right? What do you mean by that? I used the word “loser” for dramatic approach, I really just wanted to show what normal people are. There’s a saying, that everyone can be a “loser” and also a “winner”. Everyone makes mistake. Just recently, I had a big fight with the character design lead, Matsuyama… Well twice. You’re gonna talk about THAT? *Laughter* I mean, we can fight again if he got angry again. I guess you guys are ALWAYS fighting… Exactly. We’re really close, that’s why. I really trust him. So I can just tell him what I think, and he does the same with me. And how do I put it… Anyhow, it was my mistake. You shouldn’t fight with someone that close to you, but that’s what you do. So I guess that just prove I’m a loser. Just what are you going on about… What do you mean what? It’s about LDC of course! THAT’S about LDC? Of course it is! There’s only loser in LDC! BUT! It’s not like I want to write about a specific loser, but I want to write about “everyone”. I mean, I’m a loser too, but I can still be happy right now, and joke around like this. I want to cheer everyone up in a way, and that’s the origin of this game.