Here’s The Fourth Episode Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Here’s The Fourth Episode Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games has released the fourth and final episode of The Making of Little Dragons Cafe.

In this episode, Wada, the creator of Little Dragons Cafe and Harvest Moon, talks about his outlook on life and experience.

Check out the final episode below. Third and more episodes can be found here.

In this final episode we get a more in depth look at Mr. Wada’s outlook on life and experiences.

Wada This is sort of related to LDC and sort of not,

Wada Toybox is great and it works because our personalities are completely different.

Kana Feel free to edit this part out,

Kana He sees life positively. He goes at it like, “This is fun. Really fun.”

Aki But, it’s hard to get through life unless you think that way.

Kana I see life as full of hardships and it’s about how to overcome obstacles.

Aki You should stop that. Kana Akibo, stop interrupting.

Aki Don’t think that way.

Wada This is Akibo, CEO of Aksys Games.

Aki Hi. Yes, I’m interrupting.

Aki We’re all friends here, so I’m letting myself participate.

Aki But, I feel a little left out because Wada-san and I have never fought.

Wada That’s because I think life is fun.

Aki I agree. I think so, too.

Wada That’s why we shouldn’t partner up.

Wada We both think life is fun. We would end up sinking while having fun.

Aki Please don’t say that.

Wada That’s if we teamed up.

Wada But, because I teamed up with Kanazawa who is completely different from me, Wada it works out really well.

Wada I don’t tell him not to do something because it doesn’t work.

Wada It doesn’t matter to me.

Wada The way we think is completely different, but it has to do with the right brain, our gut feeling.

Wada I wouldn’t say our thought process is the same, but…

Kana I think of life as difficult. He sees it as fun.

Kana But, we both think life is to be lived.

Kana The only difference is how we overcome obstacles and live life.

Wada That part we definitely have in common.

Kana He creates games to show how to live.

Kana I create games to show how to overcome. It’s just a different methodology.

Wada I’m sure I’ve overcome much more than you.

All *Laughter* Wada But, okay, let’s just leave it at that.