Here’s What You Get For Completing Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC’s Ogre Oustin Minigame

Here’s What You Get For Completing Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC’s Ogre Oustin Minigame

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company released the Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, which adds a new minigame called Ogre Oustin for players to enjoy.

For those who are not aware, the Ogre Oustin minigame has players ride on their Koraidon/Miraidon, collecting berries by popping ogre balloons and placing them on Berry Tables within a set period of time, while also dealing with hungry Pokemon coming to steal their berries.

There are three difficulty modes with an ascending number of stages, each having their own first time clear rewards as follows:

  • Easy (3-Stages)
    • Reward: EXP Charm ~ Raises the amount of experience points gained by Pokemon
  • Normal (6-Stages)
    • Reward: Fairy Feather ~ Held Item that raises the power of Fairy-Type Moves
  • Hard (10-Stages)
    • Reward: Shiny Munchlax with a Crafty Mark
  • All Stages Rewards (Random at the end of any difficulty)
    • EV-Raising Mochi
    • Fresh Stat Mochi that resets all EVs
    • EV Feathers
    • EV-Reducing Berries
    • Nature Mints
    • EXP. Candy
    • Tera Shards
    • Misc Berries
    • Valuable Items for selling
    • Evolution Items
      • Reaper Cloth (For evolving Dusclops)
      • Prism Scale (For evolving Feebas)
      • Unremarkable Teacup (For evolving Counterfeit Polteageist)
      • Masterpiece Teacup (For evolving Antique Polteageist)

As you can see, the reward for clearing Hard Difficulty in particular is highly desirable for Pokemon collectors. Unfortunately, the minigame can be quite challenging to complete in single-player. Youtube AustinJohnPlays has come up with a multiplayer strategy for beating Hard Mode which you can find below:

For players interested in attempting this using Online Multiplayer, you can find Multiplayer Code message board here.

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