Hindsight Announced For Switch, Launches 2021

Hindsight Announced For Switch, Launches 2021

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Variable State have revealed a new narrative exploration game called Hindsight for Switch and other platforms.

Hindsight takes the player on a journey through a woman’s life from birth to present day, as she reminisces about her past in search of meaning. It is set to launch sometime in 2021 for Switch.

Check out the trailer below, along with additional details via Steam:

What if the physical objects of everyday life, the possessions we hold close, were actual windows to the past? Peer into distant memories and unseen futures in Hindsight.

From the creator of Prune, Hindsight is a narrative exploration game spanning the entirety of a woman’s life, from birth to present day, as she tries to make sense of it all. Revisit her childhood home, sort through personal belongings, and step through windows to memories frozen in time.

Hindsight asks you to slow down and pay attention to the little things left behind. Piece these things together and shift your viewpoint until you find just the right perspective to pull you deeper into the past.

Long forgotten memories and dreams cascade into one another. Linger as long as you wish, but sooner or later you must come back to the present.

What will you take with you? And what will you leave behind?

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