Hive Jump WiiU Version Bug Fixes Will Take Time, Europe Release Likely Cancelled

Hive Jump WiiU Version Bug Fixes Will Take Time, Europe Release Likely Cancelled

The Developers of Hive Jump have some unfortunate news for WiiU owners.

Apparently, their attempts at fixing up bugs in the Hive Jump’s WiiU version have been slow. This is partly because they currently do not have the WiiU development hardware on hand – and will need to borrow it again.

Additionally, they also revealed that game is unlikely to reach European WiiU owners – especially after repeated delays. This is due to the team not having the freedom to generate WiiU eShop keys. As such, they have advised many backers to opt for steam keys instead.

You can check out the full blurb from Hive Jump’s Kickstarter page below.

Wii U has a few issues that are present. We spent a long time trying to work out an update for that pesky chest crash which appeared after release. There were some reports of getting stuck in the levels, too. Some of our improvements for future platforms may have helped those items. However, in order to test that, we’ll need to get access to Wii U development hardware again as those items were on temporary loan to our team. Stay tuned.

What about bringing Wii U to the EU? We’ve discussed the EU related delays with many of you individually. Most have switched to a PC key. For the few that have not, we want to find a way to get you a copy of Hive Jump, but it doesn’t look like Wii U in the EU will be possible. We do have steam keys which we can share. Hit us up at and we’ll get you hooked up. You may be excited to hold out for a future platform code, unfortunately, we don’t have free ability to generate those keys (like we do with Steam) thus, we don’t have the availability to offer our backers these codes without additional cost. In any case, if you are a Wii U EU backer – drop us a note. We’ll do the best we can to make you a happy jumper.