Hollow 2 And 5 Other Switch Games Announced By Forever Entertainment

Hollow 2 And 5 Other Switch Games Announced By Forever Entertainment

Indie game publisher Forever Entertainment has announced six new upcoming titles for Nintendo Switch.

The titles are Hollow 2, The Mansion, Rise Eterna, Shimmering Lagoon, Sparkle 4, and Plague in us. Release date, pricing, and gameplay information will be announced at a later time.

We leave you with the games’ trailers and details below.

Hollow 2

What’s hidden on board Shakhter-One? What else other than madness and grieve can be found there? Shortly, you will be able to explore the ship again – Hollow 2 coming soon!

The Mansion

Enter the Victorian mansion and solve the mystery! Explore your surroundings and find key elements to unravel the dark story. The Mansion coming in 2019, with help of innovative stereometric techniques!

Rise Eterna

Rise Eterna – a tactical game inspired by classic Japanese RPGs with beautiful 2D graphics. Explore the rich story, compose your team of heroes, and defeat your enemies in tactical battles!

Shimmering Lagoon

Shimmering Lagoon is a video game about living your life on a peaceful farm! Design your surroundings, have fun gathering veggies and go fishing – everything in real time!

Sparkle 4

Enter the shadow void and become a creator of life. Play with evolution on life’s playground, explore and grow. Sparkle 4 – coming soon!

Plague in us

The world is being slowly absorbed by an unknown disease, devouring whole cities and turning people into a weapon to serve The Plague. Join their ranks and discover what stands behind this voice in your head. Plague in us – a 2D tactical game with RPG elements and rich story – coming soon!