HORI Pad Mini To be Reprinted By Retro-Bit

HORI Pad Mini To be Reprinted By Retro-Bit

During the Nintendo 64 era, the HORI Pad Mini was considered the gold standard of Nintendo 64 controllers.

As it was only released in Japan at that time, the HORI Pad Mini became really expensive for collectors to acquire. But thankfully, Retro-Bit, a company that makes retro accessories, has signed a deal with HORI to reprint the HORI Pad Mini and release it in the west.

What do you think? Have a sneak peek below:

When it comes to N64 controllers the Hori Pad Mini has been the gold standard. It has a much better button and stick configuration compared to the original trident controller, it’s overall form-factor feels more comfortable and the analog stick is vastly superior. The downside of the Hori Pad Mini is that, since it was a Japan-only release they get to be ridiculously expensive nowadays for retro collectors. But Retro-Bit, known for making clone consoles and retro accessories, recently teased a new controller from their skunkworks lab, but it looks awfully familiar. That’s because Retro-Bit has licensed the molds from Hori to bring the Hori Pad Mini back into production, and it is being released here in the USA.