Horizon Chase Turbo Receives Free Porto Alegre Update

Horizon Chase Turbo Receives Free Porto Alegre Update

Done with Horizon Chase Turbo? Well, here’s a new reason to hop back in for another drive!

Aquiris Game Studio has released a new free update that brings players to Porto Alegre – the hometown of the game’s developers. Along with two new courses at the new location, players will also get to drive the new Minuano with its six skins!

Check it out below:

Horizon Chase celebrates its origins with the Devs’ Hometown Update, available today on all home consoles* and mobile devices. After completing a long and joyful World Tour, the race reaches the lovely city of Porto Alegre, the developers hometown.

In this special celebration, the Free Update includes 2 new tracks which take place in the city of Porto Alegre and 1 additional car, Minuano, with 6 skins. In Horizon Chase Turbo, all skins will be available at launch, while Horizon Chase World Tour will gradually receive them in future updates.

Will you be booting up the game to experience these new sights and sounds? Feel free to share what you think below!