Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Now Supports Cross Platform Play

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Now Supports Cross Platform Play

A new patch for Hover: Revolt of Gamers has added cross platform play support on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Players on Nintendo Switch can now enjoy playing against other players in the PC and Xbox One versions. Unfortunately no cross platform play with PS4 as Sony doesn’t allow that kind of stuff to happen.

Full patch notes can be found below.

Hi Everyone ! For this update, we are very glad to announce the addition of a new in-game feature : the Map! Also included, a volley of various tweaks and fixes that will improve the general game experience. More than ever, please continue enjoying Hover!


Added cross platform-multiplayer (PC / Xbox One / Switch or PC / PS4, the cross-platform mode can be switched on the option menu)

New “Optimized Scene” mode option is now available in the menu.

Button icons now appear in dialogs, codex and help entries.

Added playstation controller icons.

Main menu loading time has been significantly reduced.

AI pathfinding significantly improved.

Improved post effects and

Added a VFX to show unavailable online missions.

During the tutorial, on the character window, the suit’s stats are now replaced with a message showing that the suit is deactivated.

The second of invulnerability when picking up a gameball doesn’t protect against bumps as much as before.

A different sound is playing when a player bumps an other invulnerable player, or if they’re carrying a gameball.

Prisoners and Warren skins have now been uploaded.

Added an introduction text when creating a team to get an idea of the game’s background story.

The Gameball’s light trails now have the color of the team who has it.

Light VFX have been added when throwing the gameball.

Rewind is deactivated when holding the gameball, a warning text pops up to warn the player about this but if players press the Action + Rewind buttons, the ball is simply released.

Rewind now blocks the player for half a second before stopping to make it easier to use.

Players no longer have to end a series of mission to do them again.

Players now have to reach a specific score for Trick missions.

Moving ads no longer bump the players on grind rails.

Rewind animation has been improved.

AI now throws the gameball to players more often.

In third person view, the camera now automatically focus on the current mission objective.

During races, the three best runners are now more precisely displayed on the screen.

Three first runners of a race are now displayed after the race is over.

Players can now use the right joystick and trigger buttons to navigate menus.

Heaven District Map and Administrative District Map added.

All characters stats have been changed.

Added an energy cost when throwing the gameball, cost is less heavy if your character is specialized in strength.

Hacking chips now slightly improve Hoverheat.

Energy aura now takes away 5 times the amount of energy from opponents.

Pet hunger bar now has a threshold, when you reach it the bar no longer goes down, therefore there’s no interest anymore to feed your pet during a mission.

Added a small pause icon to show players the game is not frozen.

Players can now add Breakers in custom missions.

Special Pet E-Swap points now have an increased capacity from 6 to 12 chips.

Players can now activate a locabox in each district of the game and can choose their spawn points when loading a character or teleporting.

Containers respawn and E-Swap points restock time calculations have been tweaked and are now simpler.

Mission winners now appear in general chat.

The room for the grind missions in the Sewers have been modified.

Option menu has been reworked.

Added a “mission between players” visible online only.

Added an option in settings to decrease physics frequency.


The end mission screen now appears when players leave during a mission.

The bug report button doesn’t make the game freeze when playing solo mode anymore.

Some collision issues were fixed.

Added an alert pop up text when the player creates a new save file.

Mission dialogs are now displayed on every participant’s screen during online missions.

There’s no more text or frame displayed over loading screens.

Drones now keep running even after players switch character.

Character switch window doesn’t freeze anymore.

Stars are now animated on the UI when pausing the game.

Dialogs now load properly when unlocking a DNA kit.

In District B, Locabox messages now load properly after scanning a Locabox.

VFX when bumping players has been rectified.

NPCs now have less chances to spawn in mission launchers or mission boxes.

Grinding characters no longer have shaky feet when the game is paused.

Game now properly registers input feedback during dialogs.

One of the Dialog Logs in the Sewers HQ didn’t have the right text.

Otello is no longer embedded in the bridge on the Orbital Station.

Breakers’ and Otello’s skill grids have been correctly replaced.

When connected in multiplayer, it is now impossible to launch a custom mission with a number of objects exceeding the maximum limit. It is still possible in solo mode, or with the friends only option. The console command “/unlimited objects in editor” allows to exceed the maximum objects limit.

Added a pop up message when the owner of the mission has disconnected.

Rebalanced several missions.

Characters and camera movements is slightly more soft.

Players no longer delete chips when pressing “Escape” or “Back” when warning window is active.

Owners of the “E-Deki pet” dlc will automatically receive an “E-Deki” chip at the beginning of a game.

Leaving a mission through the “Switch Teammates” menu doesn’t prevent scores from being displayed anymore.

Bumpers in the Sewers Gameball Stadium have been improved.