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Way To SNK 40th Anniversary Collection | NintendoSoup
Ikari Warriors Trilogy Makes Its Way To SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

Ikari Warriors Trilogy Makes Its Way To SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

NIS America has announced the addition of the Ikari Trilogy in SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

Games part of the trilogy are Ikari Warriors, Victory Road, and Ikari III: The Rescue.

Check out the trailer and details below.

Shoot-em-ups were all the rage in ’80s, and in 1986, SNK launched Ikari Warriors, a game that took guerrilla carnage to a new level of lunacy! In this game, the player assumed the roles of two muscly men named Ralf Jones and Clark Steel (King of Fighters, anyone?), who were blasting and mowing down enemy forces in a South American jungle to save their commanding officer.

After the success of Ikari Warriors, there were two more entries in the series that took Ralf and Clark on further adventures, Victory Road (1988) and Ikari III: The Rescue (1990). Each of these titles brought a unique focus to the gameplay. Victory Road focused on the use of guns and explosives, while Ikari III: The Rescue brought more attention to hand-to-hand combat.