Japan: Dragon Quest X Sells 9K At Launch

Japan: Dragon Quest X Sells 9K At Launch

Dragon Quest X, a MMORPG that is exclusive to Japan, launched on Nintendo Switch last Thursday. Let’s take a look at how it fared at launch.

According to sales data from Media Create, the game sold 9,482 copies during its first four days in the market. 9,482 copies sounds like a very low number for a Dragon Quest title, but this can be pointed out to potentially two reasons.

Firstly, the Dragon Quest X Switch game that is sold at retail does not come with a game cart. It only comes with a download code. Thus, there would have been more people who have downloaded the game directly from the eShop instead.

Secondly, Square-Enix is offering Dragon Quest X Switch for free to players still on the Wii version of the game.

Taking into consideration the two factors, it’s perfectly understandable why the game seem to have sold poorly at retail.