Japan: Eevee Fried Chicken Debuts At Lawson

Japan: Eevee Fried Chicken Debuts At Lawson

We have some exciting news to share today for Eevee fans and fans of Japanese style fried chicken Kaarage.

Lawson, the third largest convenience store chain in Japan, has produced a new flavor of Kaarage-kun (Japanese fried chicken) called mild curry. The new mild curry Kaarage-kun comes in eight different containers featuring Eevee and a member of the Eeveelution family.

According to Lawson’s official website, the Eevee mild curry Kaarage-kun is made with eight different herbs and spices. The mild taste is suitable for children and adults alike.

You can purchase Eevee’s Mild Curry Kaarage-kun from Lawson stores across Japan starting September 18, 2018 for 216 yen. Nutritional information can be found below.

Calories: 220kcal

Allergy Information: Egg, Milk, Wheat

Protein: 15.1g

Fat: 13.5g

Carbohydrate: 9.6g

Sodium: 683g