Japan: Nintendo Labo Sells 118,000 Units At Launch

Japan: Nintendo Labo Sells 118,000 Units At Launch

Media Create has just released sales data for the Japanese video game market for the period between April 16 to April 22, 2018.

The biggest highlight last week was none other than Nintendo Labo, and looks like it may have exceeded expectations in Japan. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit debuted at first place, moving 90,410 units, while the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit sold 28,629 units, debuting at third place.

Other Nintendo Switch games continue to perform strongly even long after their initial launch. Examples include Kirby Star Allies (4th, 17000 units), Splatoon 2 (5th, 16,000 units), and The Snack World Trejarers Gold (6th, 15,000 units).

Although Nintendo Labo launched last week, Nintendo Switch sales didn’t receive a boost from its release, as it sold 34,165 systems last week. Despite the lack of a boost, Nintendo Switch took a 58.8% chunk of hardware sales in Japan last week.