Japan: Nintendo Switch Forced Bundle Causes Outrage

Japan: Nintendo Switch Forced Bundle Causes Outrage

Popular independent Japanese game retailer Games Maya has hit a raw nerve with its latest Nintendo Switch package deal.

According to a Twitter user who recently visited the retailer, they found a “huge amount” of Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Sets available on sale. They soon realized in order to purchase a set, they have to purchase an extra Nintendo Switch game of their choice.

Japanese commentators online did not take the “forced bundle” deal too kindly. Some claimed it’s incredibly “stupid” and said such business strategy shows how the retailer is “stuck in the Showa era.”

A few commentators believed that by forcing customers to purchase an extra game, it is an “effective measure” against scalpers who are looking to profit from selling the set alone. Another explained as Nintendo sells hardware together with multiple pieces of software, this could affect smaller retailers with an overstocked situation.

In Japan, it’s extremely rare to find retailers enforcing bundles of hot selling items with less popular products, thus the huge backlash.

Unlike GameStop’s ridiculous bundles, at least Games Maya gives customers the choice of buying any Nintendo Switch title they like, which sounds reasonable to me!