Japanese Customer Orders One Amiibo But Receives 10 Instead

Japanese Customer Orders One Amiibo But Receives 10 Instead

In life, there are times when someone receives something so surprising that no one could believe it even happened in the first place.

That’s what happened with Kei’s amiibo order. Kei pre-ordered a Splatoon 2 Boy amiibo from Amazon, which launched in Japan on July 21st. Instead of one single Boy amiibo, an entire case of 10 amiibo was delivered to his doorstep. He was speechless.

Such mistakes are common in warehouses, especially when packers picking the goods aren’t paying close attention.

This isn’t the first time Amazon Japan has sent out entire cases of amiibo by mistake. Earlier this year, a Redditor living in Japan reported receiving a case of 10 Rider Link amiibo, even though he only ordered one. He offered to return the extras to Amazon, but to his surprise, Amazon told him he could keep all of the extras. Pretty amazing, huh?

People speculate it’s cheaper for Amazon to let customers keep the extras, rather than accept the returns which may end up more costly. Will Kei have to return his case of amiibo, given that it was sent by mistake? We think he’ll get to keep them too!