Japanese Indie Retailer Games Maya Is Closing Down

Japanese Indie Retailer Games Maya Is Closing Down

Popular Japanese independent video game retailer Games Maya has announced it will be closing down on April 8, 2018.

Games Maya is one of the few remaining video game specialist retailers in Japan. The store was visited by many celebrities and famous video game developers. Level-5 even paid tribute to it in Nintendo 3DS title Little Battlers Experience. Games Maya is operated and managed by store manager Akiya, who has been running the store for 35 years.

In a blog post, Akiya told fellow customers and supporters that she has decided to close the store, as she is suffering from an unknown illness. Doctors have advised Akiya to rest for the sake of her health. Japanese video game fans were taken aback by the shocking news.

We wish Akiya good health and thank her for her contributions to the video game industry.