Japanese Restaurant Loses Business Thanks To Inconsiderate Pokemon GO Players

Japanese Restaurant Loses Business Thanks To Inconsiderate Pokemon GO Players

Today we have a very disappointing pieces of news concerning Pokemon GO players in Japan.

Japanese restaurant Umai Tonkatsu Katsubushi has put out a public announcement on their Facebook page asking Pokemon GO players to refrain from parking at their car park.

The reason for this plea is because the restaurant has lost lots of business after numerous inconsiderate Pokemon GO trainers decided to park at the restaurant’s car park, leaving no room for real customers to park their cars. Making things worse, these trainers have never patronized the restaurant, so the restaurant is losing money thanks to these freeloaders.

We leave you with their full message translated by NintendoSoup below:

“We have a request.

Please refrain from playing Pokemon GO at the car park of this restaurant.

Every weekend during lunch and dinner, we have closed an eye on our car park filling to capacity by Pokemon GO players.

By the way, around 7pm last Friday, our restaurant had zero customers but there were many people playing Pokemon GO at our car park. This caused our car park to reach full capacity and not even the lots at the side of the road were spared.

As a result, customers who visit our restaurant had to turn away as there were no available lots at our car park.

Although we have requested around 10 players to move away their cars, there were some who refused to move away their cars, some who said they had a reservation at the restaurant even though they were obviously playing the game (in the end, those who claimed they had a reservation never dined at our restaurant).

This issue has put tremendous suffering on our business.

From now on, please do not play Pokemon GO at our restaurant’s car park. Thank you for your understanding.”

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