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Rose By Estimated 29% During 2019, Boosted By Switch Lite Launch | NintendoSoup
Japanese Switch Hardware Sales Rose By Estimated 29% During 2019, Boosted By Switch Lite Launch

Japanese Switch Hardware Sales Rose By Estimated 29% During 2019, Boosted By Switch Lite Launch

Enjoyed your Switch or Switch Lite in 2019? Well, it looks like Nintendo themselves also had a killer year with the consoles!

According to Famitsu’s yearly report, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite hardware sales in 2019 totaled 4,494,000 units in Japan alone. This was roughly a 29% jump up from Japan’s Switch hardware sales during 2018, which numbered around 3,482,388 units.

What’s equally interesting is that sales of the original Switch didn’t rise that much. As you’ll see in the table below, the launch of the Switch Lite actually made up the majority of this 29% spike by selling 1,045,383 units after it first launched in September 2019.

Model2019 (Estimated)2018 (Estimated)Y/Y Comp
Nintendo Switch3,448,5023,482,388
Nintendo Switch Lite1,045,383
PlayStation 4773,7731,237,581
PlayStation 4 Pro422,380457,646
Xbox One S3,1294,186
Xbox One X5,18611,153

On the flip-side, PS4 and Xbox One sales have been falling – which is understandable given that both consoles are on their way out. The PS4’s sales in 2019 dropped by 29.4% compared to 2018, while Xbox One hardware sales in 2019 dropped even more harshly by 45.8%.

As it stands now, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are clearly sweeping the videogaming scene in Japan! We’ll report back as we hear about more sales data in the future.