Junichi Masuda Ignores The Comments Of #BringBackNationalDex Supporters On Twitter

Junichi Masuda Ignores The Comments Of #BringBackNationalDex Supporters On Twitter

Yesterday, The Pokemon Company published a message from Game Freak director Junichi Masuda concerning their stance on not bringing back all Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Masuda’s message did nothing to address the concerns of #BringBackNationalDex supporters who hope to bring their Pokemon to the Galar region. All Masuda said was the decision they made “was hard”.

Reactions to the message on Masuda’s personal Twitter account were pretty interesting though. Here’s what he said (translated by NintendoSoup):

“Hi everyone, Masuda has a message for you: (link).

To those who are worried and to those who have supported us, thank you. I’m grateful.”

Masuda, a very active Twitter user, was very selective with who he decided to respond to. Constructive and respectful comments supporting the #BringBackNationalDex cause were ignored:

@gibson_poke: “Why aren’t you replying to negative comments? The message was immediately published on the official overseas Pokemon website, and it took longer for it to appear on the official Japanese website. Why is that so? So are you only replying to fans that are in line with you?”

@ArtLhama: “Please realize that this decision is very bad and unnecessary. We want to like and support the games, but not under these circumstances. Please announce patches to #BringBackNationalDex

@DonCariSama: “Thats not excuse, you can add all pokemon become a patch or dlc. #BringBackNationalDex Please, add all in 2020, it’s possible”

@HentaiShenpai: “I’m sorry sir but there are absolutely no excuses to not make post-release patches. #BringBackNationalDex

@Someguyonline1: “Please update the game to allow access to *ALL* the previous pokemon and *ALL* the Mega evolution’s. PLEASE?”

@diphs: “That message wasn’t helpful. We want everyone’s Pokemon. #BringBackNationalDex #NoLongerCompatible”

But comments like this had a response:

@Machia_GL: “You are doing a great job! We know how hard it can be to make good decisions! I’m sure we are all going to enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield a lot !”

@Junichi_Masuda: “Thank you !”

@saya_tsuruta: “Patiently waiting and looking forward. Thanks for your hard work everyone!”

@Junichi_Masuda: “Thanks Sayachan!”

@Mail1Michi: “Masuda-san. Thank you!! People all over the world love Pokemon!! I will always support Pokemon! But please take care of your health.”

@Junichi_Masuda: “Thanks as always, Toku-san!”

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