Kazuhiro Tsuchiya Debunks Mega Man X9 Rumors

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya Debunks Mega Man X9 Rumors

Taiwan based outlet Gamer recently spoke to Mega Man 11 director Kazuhiro Tsuchiya about Mega Man X9.

As there have been rumors swirling about a potential Mega Man X9 release, Gamer asked Tsuchiya whether Capcom is working on such a project. Tsuchiya responded the rumors are false, but they are carefully listening to the reactions of fans. If there’s enough support, Capcom could green light Mega Man X9, similar to how Mega Man 11 was approved.

We leave you with Tsuchiya’s full comments below.

Reporter : Before the revelation of Mega Man 11, Mega Man Classic Collection came out, and it was thought that it was a touchstone. As of now, Mega Man X also has a collection, Mega Man X Anniversary. If both Mega Man 11 and Mega Man X Anniversary Collection are successful, will we have the opportunity to see a Mega Man X9 or a new release of Mega Man X?

Tsuchiya : Right now we have to complete the Mega Man 11 development and collect the comments after it has been successfully released. As for the massive spread of a Mega Man X9 there are only rumors about the development, there is no such thing.

Reporter : So, can we understand that there are no plans for a Mega Man X9 in development?

Tsuchiya : I understand that everyone is waiting for the birth of an X9, but at this moment there is no way to verify it. Of course, we can not say that we have not been doing anything, we are actively and carefully monitoring the reactions of our players.

Actually, the birth of Mega Man 11 is also the result of the volume of our players’ voices. The collection that arrived before obtained very good results and comments, this is a very convincing point and helps us to support us in the search for approval of a new project to develop new games.