Kimishima Looks To Increase Mobile Game Revenue

Kimishima Looks To Increase Mobile Game Revenue

Nintendo is heading deeper and deeper into the Mobile Game sector with its latest release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and future title, Mario Kart Tour. However, it would seem like the profits from the mobile games are not to Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima’s satisfaction.

Speaking To Nikkei, and translated by Japanese Nintendo. Kimishima stated that while Nintendo has published a couple of mobile games, they have not been raising their profits from them.

Nikkei: How are you looking at the profitability in the business for smartphones?
Kimishima: We’ve published Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and more, but we still haven’t raised them profit-wise. From here on we want to work on various things like upgrading the insides of them.

Mobile games promises huge long term profits due to their micro-transaction nature, which Nintendo is slowly learning to master. Only time will tell how Kimishima hopes to take more of your cash.

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