Kimishima: Nintendo Has No Plans To Sell The Switch In China For Now

Kimishima: Nintendo Has No Plans To Sell The Switch In China For Now

During the recent Nintendo financial briefing, a Q&A session was held between investors and the management team.

One question an investor asked was whether Nintendo has any plans to bring the Nintendo Switch to China, and what Nintendo thinks about the system’s long term prospects in the Chinese market.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima answered the question. Here’s his full answer below:

We recognize that China is a very huge market, however Nintendo has no plans to distribute any products to China at this point of time. On the other hand, software developers from China are now making titles for the Nintendo Switch, and one of those titles have been introduced during the Nintendo Direct that aired on September 14, 2017. Our customers are looking forward to it.

Thus I can say one of the businesses that we are developing in China are bringing more Chinese developers to make games on the Nintendo Switch. Regarding official distribution of Nintendo products in China, we have been looking into that possibility up till now. We will continue looking into bringing the Nintendo Switch in China.

Translated by NintendoSoup. Distribution allowed as long as this article is referenced.