Kirby Cafe Winter 2020 Revamp Menu Items Revealed

Kirby Cafe Winter 2020 Revamp Menu Items Revealed

Earlier this year, Kirby Cafe announced that it would be refreshing itself for the upcoming Winter season – adding new dishes and merchandise. Well, here’s a first peek at what’s in store for Kirby fans!

The official website for the cafe has updated with photos and descriptions of new menu items that will be available from 11 November 2020 onward. While official English translations are not available, we’ve tried our best to provide a better look below. Check it out!

Winter Kirby Burger & Clam Chowder Pasta

  • Souvenir plate (large) (Tokyo limited ver. / Hakata limited ver.) included

Chewing-Chewing Kirby’s Warm Beef Stew

  • Souvenir soup cup included

Hot-Hot ☆ Sleet Hamburger

Kirby’s Warm Gratin Bowl

  • Souvenir Round Lunch Box Included

Deadly Chop Wrestler Kirby Burger

The Fateful Tag-Team Dessert by King Dedede and Meta Knight

Authentic Kiln-Baked Pizza

  • Tokyo Mentai Monja flavor [exclusive to Kirby Cafe Tokyo]
  • Hakata tonkotsu ramen flavor [exclusive to Kirby Cafe Hakata]
  • Dedede Resort’s luxury seafood flavor
  • Berry Berry White Chocolate

Kirby’s Favorite! Hors D’oeuvre

Ice Dragon☆ Pastel Ice Cream

Popstar Winter “Hot!” Sangria (non-alcoholic)

What are your favorite new dishes on display here? Feel free to share with us below!