Kirby Star Allies Gets Its First Review In The World

Kirby Star Allies Gets Its First Review In The World

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, four reviewers shared their thoughts after playing Kirby Star Allies, the first Kirby mainline game on Nintendo Switch arriving this Friday.

Most reviewers found the new Friend Abilities component fresh and fun, and praised how smart the Friends are when controlled by CPU. Another feature talked about was multiplayer, which was “as fun” as single player.

Check out their full comments below.

1st reviewer: In addition to the usual Copy Abilities, it also adds a new feature where you can turn enemies to allies. So even when you’re playing in single-player you’d get a lively atmosphere just like multiplayer. Finding Friends Helper combinations to unleash Combination Attacks is also fun. The friends, which are controlled by CPU, are thankfully active in defeating enemies. But on the other side, the enemies whose abilities I wanted ended up getting defeated by the allies, so I couldn’t copy sometimes. 8

2nd reviewer: Being able to turn enemies to allies with Friends Heart is fresh. They become Friends Helper, and by combining abilities, it will activate Friends Abilities which can strengthen abilities or change stats, and diversify Copy Abilities even further, which makes this system great. Proceeding through stages with up to 4 characters sounds reliable, and it also looks lively. Being able to start multiplayer leisurely is also good, and when they are controlled by CPU they also act smartly. 9

3rd reviewer: I’m surprised that they still can find a new opening with the series’ traditional concept of using enemy abilities. Having Friends Helpers perform in their places of expertise multiply each other’s abilities, so changing party composition while proceeding midway is fun. Friends Helpers are strong and reliable, but they also end up defeating enemies whose Copy Abilities I wanted to obtain, so it’s [part of] their charm. It is also suitable for share play. 9

4th reviewer: Friends Helpers add to the strategy and new anticipation in the adventure. It has the most Copy Abilities in the series and various Combination Attacks with Friends, so you can discover new combinations and it will make you want to go on adventure multiple times by switching Friends. The Friends’ movements are also smart; even in single-player, there’s a strong feel of a bustling adventure with a 4-character party. Other than the regular mini-games, other players can jump in to control the Friends, which is also great. 9

Total score: 35/40*

Target audience: -Can be enjoyed by anyone

Average clear time estimate: -Varies based on play style