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Kirby Telling King Dedede To Shut Up Is Canon

This week, we learned that Kirby knows how to speak and sing in Japanese. Now a new fact about the pink fluffy ball has surfaced.

According to Twitter user @kaialone02, Kirby once told King Dedede to shut up, which most people are unaware of. This is considered canon because it’s inside the Kirby’s Adventure instruction manual:

Translated by NintendoSoup:

“It’s not your job, King Dedede!” screamed Kirby.

”I don’t get what you are saying, son. I’m doing this for everyone’s sake…” said King Dedede.

“SHUT UP! Where did you hide the Star Rod?!”, Kirby angrily screamed.

And King Dedede replied, “Ah, I broke up the Star Rod into 7 different pieces and gave it to my soliders.”

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Thanks, Brandon.

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