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Donation To Yokohama To Combat The Coronavirus | NintendoSoup
Koei Tecmo Makes A Generous Donation To Yokohama To Combat The Coronavirus

Koei Tecmo Makes A Generous Donation To Yokohama To Combat The Coronavirus

As you know, the coronavirus outbreak has exhausted the medical supplies of many countries and cities all over the world.

Koei Tecmo, the famous Japanese publisher known for the Atelier series, is making a generous contribution to Japan’s Yokohama city. The company is donating 100 million yen worth of medical supplies to the city government, and the first wave includes 6000 pieces of high quality mask which were procured by the company’s subsidiaries overseas.

Koei Tecmo is following the footsteps of Nintendo and other companies which have helped their respective governments in the fight against the coronavirus.

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