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90o, wf, e, ke2, bf, 1b, mhm, 8, c, zrs, y, ms, vw, ir, Koei Tecmo Would Love To Make Fire Emblem Warriors 2 | NintendoSoup
Koei Tecmo Would Love To Make Fire Emblem Warriors 2

Koei Tecmo Would Love To Make Fire Emblem Warriors 2

In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, the magazine conducted a final interview with Fire Emblem Warriors developers Hiroya Usuda and Yosuke Hayshi, employees of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo.

When asked about their thoughts after wrapping up the development of Fire Emblem Warriors’ DLC, Usuda said “it’s over; that was long” and revealed Fire Emblem Warriors was built on Hyrule Warriors as a base.

Hayashi told Nintendo Dream that he felt regretful for certain characters that they weren’t able to include in Fire Emblem Warriors. Although Koei Tecmo has no plans for Fire Emblem Warriors 2, if given the opportunity, Hayashi would definitely work on it and include characters that didn’t make the cut.

Check out the full interview translated by Serene’s Forest here.