Labyrinth Of The Witch Seems To Be Heading To Switch

Labyrinth Of The Witch Seems To Be Heading To Switch

Good news for fans of Labyrinth of the Witch – a Nintendo Switch port appears to be in the works.

Norihiro Takizawa, the developer behind the game, recently posted a picture of Labyrinth of the Witch running on Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode. Although he did not officially announce the game is heading to Switch, we could assume it’s currently in the works:

Here’s a few details about the game via Google Play:

Strategically use a multitude of items to tackle ever-changing dungeons.

A Rogue-like for Anyone and Everyone

This simple, easy-to-play dungeon exploration RPG is free of difficult game mechanics.

Easily play anywhere on your smart phone. Pick up from where you left off at any time with the auto-save feature.

Share Your Adventures with the Replay Feature

Whenever you’re defeated, the game auto-saves a 30-second replay. Share your action-packed final moments with your friends!

Speedrun Faster than Anyone!

Built for the speedrunners, take on the Speedrun Dungeon armed with only your wits (no starting items!) and find your own gear!

Pixel Art at its Best

State-of-the-art pixel art and animations bring your adventures to life!

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