Langrisser I & II Official Japanese Site Opens

Langrisser I & II Official Japanese Site Opens

Tactical RPG Langrisser is getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch, with both Langrisser I and II coming to the console. In fact, Chara-Ani has opened up the Japanese official site for visit. You can head over to the official site here and read the story sypnosis below.

Langrisser I Story

Since long ago, the legendary sword “Langrisser” has been said to grant infinite power to those who wield it.

Much blood has been shed between those who tried to steal the sword and those who tried to protect it, but after the carnage, it remained in the protection of the royal family of Baldea, the family of the ancient hero…

However, the family’s strong hold on the sword was finally broken.

Dalsis Empire Emperor Digos, possessed by the desire to dominate the world with the power of Langrisser, accompanied by a large army, launched an invasion on the Baldea Kingdom.

Thus begins the long journey of Baldea Kingdom Prince Ledin, who escaped the Kingdom during the attack, to recover Langrisser and defeat Emperor Digos, the enemy of his late father.

Langrisser II Story

—For several hundred years following the events of Langrisser I, small wars broke out all over the continent, then died out, then broke out again in an era of constant conflict.

The Baldea Kingdom had already fallen, and “Langrisser” had become a sword of legend.

A young traveler named Erwin, along with a magician’s apprentice named Hein that he met on his journey, continued their carefree travels.

One day, the travelers stayed at an inn in a small village in the Salrath territory, where Hein was born.

During their stay, an alarmed Hein runs into Erwin’s room. Hein tells Erwin that Rayguard Empire soldiers had invaded the outskirts of the village.

The Imperial knights’ sights seemed to be set on a girl named Liana living in the village.

Why would the Imperial knights invade such a peaceful village…?

While having doubts, Erwin leaves the inn to go save Liana.

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