Latest Feh Channel For Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals New Mode, Summon Banners And More

Latest Feh Channel For Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals New Mode, Summon Banners And More

Earlier today, Nintendo broadcast a surprise edition of FEH Channel – which covers more upcoming updates for Fire Emblem Heroes.

The video announces a number of new features that will be added to the game in the coming months, including a new Concert Hall structure for Aether Resort, as well as a brand new mode called Røkkr Sieges, as well as a new summon banner event.

You can check out the presentation for yourself below, along with highlights of the key announcements:

Concert Hall

  • New structure for Aether Resort.
  • Allows players to spend R&R Affinity to unlock various battle preparation themes from across the series.
  • Unlocked songs can be set for various areas such as the main menu and during Aether Raids.

Weekly Revival Summon Banners

  • Special Summoning Event featuring Heroes from the first year of Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Three Focus Heroes will be rotated on a weekly basis over the next 20 weeks, and will be available at an increased rate of 4%.

Røkkr Sieges

  • A new mode titled Røkkr Sieges will be added on June 17, 2019 at 4am PT.
  • Take on Røkkr: shadowy, giant versions of Heroes in order to attempt taking down their HP.
  • Røkkr Sieges require special Axe-symbol stamina in order to play, difficulty levels can be chosen, and Pair-Up can also be utilized in this mode.
  • Damage done to Røkkr is based on something called Boost Value, which goes up whenever players hit the Røkkr or defeat nearby enemies. The higher the Boost Value, the more damage the player does to the Røkkr.
  • Summoners will be split into different allied armies to take on the same Røkkr. Summoners in the same army will appear as reinforcements towards the end of each battle to do additional damage to the Røkkr
  •  Summoners will receive rewards based on their damage total, as well as Rank Rewards and regular clear awards.

Other Changes

  • Aether Raids now allows players to set five different layouts, which can be changed depending on the season.
    • Players can also practice with next season’s bonus heroes and blessings before it arrives.
  • Maximum amount of feathers that can be obtained via Hero Merit changed from 5,000 to 6,000.

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