Legendary Arena Mode And More Detailed For Pokemon Masters

Legendary Arena Mode And More Detailed For Pokemon Masters

DeNA has published another installment of “A Message From The Pokemon Masters Team” detailing upcoming features for Pokemon Masters.

The latest update details a new feature called Legendary Arena, the first of which will introduce Entei to the game. Aside from this, some upcoming quality of life adjustments were also elaborated on.

You can check out the highlights below, or read the full update here.

  • Legendary Arena Mode
    • Debuts in June.
    • Multiple Sync Pairs take on a single opponent with high HP, as HP is reduced, its abilities and weaknesses will change.
    • First Legendary Arena will introduce Entei, Water-Type Sync Pairs recommended
  • Plans to Improve Existing Features
    • Reduce Time Spent Battling For Items
      • Sync Pairs that join the player will have unlocked level caps and skills “up to a certain level”
      • Item which allows players to skip battles will be introduced
    • Reorganizing of Battles to acquire Items
      • Battles to acquire items will be “reorganized” according to what items they award
    • Set a Maximum number of battles per day
      • Battles for acquiring items will have a maximum limit set per day
      • Limit will only apply to certain levels
      • Amount of items that can be acquired will be drastically increased to compensate

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