Leoful And Busy Toaster Games Share More Tidbits About Georifter’s Candy, Chief, Mighty B, And Lex

Leoful And Busy Toaster Games Share More Tidbits About Georifter’s Candy, Chief, Mighty B, And Lex

With Georifters making its big debut on Nintendo Switch very soon, here’s another peek at its quirky heroes!

Leoful and Busy Toaster Games have shared a few more small tidbits about four of the game’s playable characters: Candy, Chief, Mighty B, and Lex. Along with this, you can check out their existing trailers to get a better idea of their unique powers:

September 11, 2020 – Taipei-based indie developer Busy Toaster Games and video game publisher Leoful thought it’s about time you get to know some of the heroic characters you’ll come across in the chaotic world of Georifters. Here are bios and trailers for four out of the seven wacky heroes; with more to come!


She’s a fiery redhead from Sweet Spot who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Or “yes” for that matter. She kind of does her own thing. Using her dual bubble gum cannons Candy can blast out rapid streams of hot pink bubble gum that sticks to things that she can then pull in towards her. Some people might call Candy a bubble gum freak, but some people might also find themselves suddenly stuck to walls and ceilings.


Chief BonBon, Sweet Spot’s first chocolate based firefighter. The results of fighting fire with chocolate have been somewhat mixed, but Chief remains a beloved and reliable resident of Sweet Spot. His primary equipment is his Chocolate Hydrator, a special device that collects his chocolate sweat for later use to put out fires (don’t ask us) which can also be used for wicked fast terrain flipping.

Mighty B

He’s a freestyling MC from Musictown who keeps the beats beating, keeps the rhymes rhyming, and who doesn’t stop the party for anyone or anything.The gigantic portable subwoofer he carries on his back is the real deal. He uses it to blast out powerful acoustic vibrations that radically alters everything in front of him. If anything blocks his way, Mighty B will unleash a seismic whirlwind of multichromatic vibrations that will send those bad vibes flying somewhere else.


She’s an artist. You wouldn’t understand. Her spray pack is her paintbrush and Paintville, her home Bubble World, is her canvas. We know that she likes to paint and not much else. What is also known about Lex is that the giant spray pack she carries around is capable of delivering a powerful explosion of multichromatic paint that creates its own spiraling color vortex that pushes everything violently downward. Let’s just say you don’t want to be in front of Lex when this happens.


Georifters will be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop on 18 September 2020. You can pre-order a physical copy of the game on the NintendoSoup Store over here (ships worldwide).

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