Let’s Take A Look At Pokemon Center’s Mysterious Encounters Merchandise

Let’s Take A Look At Pokemon Center’s Mysterious Encounters Merchandise

Every year, the Pokemon Center releases two different series of Halloween merchandise – one for fun (with Pikachu and friends), and one that has more “dark and sinister” tones.

The Mysterious Encounters series is the one that has “dark and sinister” tones. The series is separated into two different batches – the first batch is available right now, and the second batch will arrive on October 28.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the first batch of Mysterious Encounters merchandise, which is now available on Amazon Japan (eligible for international shipping). We’ve listed a couple of links right below every product so it’s easier for you in case you wanna make an order. Learn how to order from Amazon Japan with our comprehensive guide here.

First and foremost, here’s a look at the A4 clear file and Croquis notebook.

A4 Clear File (only available at Pokemon Center)

Croquis Notebook (only available at Pokemon Center)

The foldable mirror and multi smartphone case is decorated with artwork from the Mysterious Encounters series.

Foldable Mirror

Multi Smartphone Case

Next up, let’s check out the Mysterious Encounters towels! There’s a huge focus on Acerola in both designs…

Hand Towel

Face Towel

Another unique item not found in many other Pokemon Center merchandise series is the blanket. There’s a button on the blanket so you can wear it like a poncho.


If you’re buying a blanket, you’ll probably want a cushion too. It’s really huge!


Here’s something not very serious but spooky at the same time – free size Ghost type Pokemon hoodies!

Hoodie: Sableye / Banette / Mimikyu

Here’s how each of the hoodies look like, front and back.

The Ghost-type Pokemon are getting their very own 5108 Necklace too!

5108 Necklace: Mimikyu / Sableye / Chandelure

Wonder how they look like when worn? See below!

If you’re a big fan of Sableye, you could even buy the Sableye hoodie and necklace together! (it’s call up-selling)

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